Wild For Game® Fish & Game Processing Kit; razor sharp 420A stainless steel blades, non-slip RhinoHide™ high-visibility polypropylene molded handles, complete assortment for cleaning all types of fish and game, dishwasher safe, cutting board, protective hard nylon case. Lifetime Warranty.

11 Piece Set Includes the Following:
*4-1/4" blade gut hook skinning knife
*7-1/8" blade filleting knife
*5-1/2" blade big game skinning cleaver
*3-3/8" blade caping knife
*3-3/8" small game skinning knife
*5-5/8" blade T-handle bone saw
*heavy duty game shears with oversized rubber grip
*Quick-Gut® gutting tool
*Safe-Sharp® double carbide sharpener with hand guard for knives and shears
*9-7/8" x 13-3/4" 3mm cutting board
*hard nylon case


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