Hardwoods and Softwoods Pattern

Photocamouflage® 3DXtreme™ was designed for a variety of temperate climates where the primary cover is made up of deciduous and coniferous trees in late Fall to early Spring stages. Photocamouflage® 3DXtreme™ incorporates the same features as RUKO WOODLAND XTREME-3D® with an empahsis on white oak and pine tree elements including leaves and needles; stems and limbs; scapes, cones and acorns - less any green broad leaves, making it a suitable pattern for hunting terrain from north to south and coast to coast.

Our most versatile pattern - Photocamouflage® 3DXtreme™ was developed using our unique 3D 5-Layer depth photo technology resulting in a superior and truly realistic camouflage pattern. As with all Photocamouflage® patterns - our camouflage is formatted for continuous printing.


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