World's Highest Precision Camouflage Pattern:

RUKO WOODLAND XTREME-3D® is the ultimate disguise for hunters in a wide variety of temperate climate zone environments. Designed with the world's greatest precision to detail, this pattern incorporates white oak leaves and acorns, birch stems, limbs and leaves, pine scapes and branches with cones and needles that provide cover in various wooded settings as well as in the open country. Thanks to the unique photocamouflage technology, this pattern is so alive it seems that you can feel the texture of the bark with your hand.

Unique 3D 5-Layer Depth Technology:  Even when photographic images are used, if they are not properly arranged in perspective, it is impossible to create a real three-dimensional image in the game animal's eyes. In order to accomplish this 3D effect, our revolutionary camouflage pattern utilizes five layers of depth. Each corresponding layer incorporates various features and colors viewed at 5 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards and 20 yards in depth.  In addition, combining over 200 carefully selected high resolution photographic elements throughout the 5 layers, we are able to create a truly unique lifelike camouflage pattern. - unequaled in detail.

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