All RUKO products are covered by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing to the original consumer purchaser. Defective products will be repaired or replaced with the same or substitute item of equal value at RUKO's sole discretion. This warranty does not cover transportation charges to RUKO, loss, self repair or damages due to misuse, abuse or lack of normal maintenance.

Further - This warranty does not cover lost or missing screws or pins, rust or wear to the finish/parts, bent or broken parts/blades, worn/damaged sheaths as these are considered wear/maintenance issues. Defective issues more commonly occur within the first 6 months of use. We offer replacement parts and sheaths for most models for a nominal fee. We are unable to repair bent or broken blades.

Please ensure that you regularly tune your knife by ensuring the pivot pin, handle and pocket clip screws are tightened. If you find them coming loose - apply a thread glue before retightening.

The main issue with most folding knives is lost or missing screws which is avoidable given a proper maintenance regime.

Ensure that all moving points are regularly lubricated with a high-quality machine oil preferably graphite formulated. Solvent-based oils are not recommended.

Replacement parts are available for purchase which includes shipping and handling:

•            Replacement clip and clip screw set or other parts - US$10.00 CAN$15.00

•            Replacement Sheath RUKO Brand - US$20.00 CAN$40.00

•            Replacement Sheath MUELA Brand (ECONOMY) - US$25.00 CAN$45.00

•            Replacement Sheath MUELA Brand (PREMIUM) - US$30.00 CAN$50.00

•            Comprehensive TORXBIT set with T15/10/9/8/7/6 bits - US$12.50 CAN$35.00


Missing screws for handles and pocket clips will be sent (where available) at no charge as a one-time courtesy. Please email image of the missing screws along with the complete mailing address to INFO@RUKOPRODUCTS.COM

If you would like to purchase any parts kindly send us an image to info@rukoproducts.com of the knife showing the items needed, payments can be made by Visa or Mastercard by contacting our service department at 1-800-611-4433.